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Your restaurant, your office, your coffee shop.

Office Coffee

These two words have unfortunately becoming synonymous with dirt water over the years. Coffee is an employee benefit that costs the company money. It's time to turn that frown upside down.

As a team building event, or as a more focused leadership event, Fofcee can help you create the perfect blend of coffee that both leadership and employees can be proud of. It's already being paid for, how about making sure that investment delivers quality coffee your employees will love, that supports goals you are passionate about.

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You are in a competitive industry and since we sell coffee in Seattle, we understand. Why use coffee from the same truck that brings your eggs, steak or seasonings? While it may taste "ok" it's pretty generic and used by hundreds of your competitors. We can work with you to create a blend exclusively that you and your customers will love. We are a small family business with low overhead so you would be surprised at the quality and cost of our wholesale offerings. You work too hard to give your customers something different than the place down the street, let us help you create your own coffee story.

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No knock on the Seattle espresso giants, they have done a great job marketing themselves as espresso leaders. The problem as we see it is that when everyone uses the same "special espresso", nobody's is truly special.

Fofcee does not have an espresso blend made for all. Just like our restaurant customers, we find the perfect balance between bean, roast, cost and your particular taste to give you something unique and perfect for your customers.

Espresso is always roasted to order and delivered at the peak of perfection.

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What else can we do?

Custom Wedding Favors
Corporate Gifts
Fundraising Support
(sell coffee to raise money)
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